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POLYSEAL-0724 is a unique green, ZERO VOC , environment friendly waterproofing coating (paint) for effectively arresting leakage & seepage from wet areas. Most coatings/paints labelled as ‘Environment friendly’ are Low VOC.

Waterproofing Coating Paint
  • Toilet Blocks
  • Water Tanks
  • Swimming Pools
  • Wet Area
  • Excellent Water Repellency & Impermeability to Moisture
  • Tough & Abrasion Resistant - No Damage to Coating during Construction Activities
  • Deep Penetrating - Seals Porosities & Hairline Cracks to Make the Surface Completely Watertight
  • Anti-Efflorescence - Prevents Salt Migration & Water Oozing on Interior Wall Surfaces
  • Excellent Radiation to UV Radiation
  • Withstands Thermal Expansion & Contraction
  • Coverage of 90-100 Sq. ft per litre (Single Coat)
  • No Damage to Coating during Other Construction Activities
  • Low Life Cycle Cost Compared to Conventional Waterproofing System
  • Substantial Time Saving
  • Prevents growth of Algae, Mosses & Fungi
  • Available in all Standard RAL & IS Colour Shades

PRODECOAT-0770 is an environment friendly, ZERO VOC, green ‘Protective cum Decorative’ coating ( paint) which is an effective solution for waterproofing of exterior walls. This waterproofing coating protects the structure from leakage & seepage during rain and enhances its aesthetics. During application, PRODECOAT-0770 travels through the surface into all cavities and hairline cracks forming polymer crystals. On solidification, it forms an elastomeric film. Most coatings / paints labelled as ‘Environment friendly’ are Low VOC

Our other Waterproofing Solutions- PMT- XL, POLYSEAL - 0724 & AQUAPACK

Waterproofing Coating Paint
  • Excellent Water Repellency
  • Resistance to UV Radiation
  • Resistance to Algae, Mosses & Fungi
  • Penetrating & Breathable
  • Excellent Resistance to Pollutants & Saline Environment
  • Tough & Scratch Proof
  • Excellent Colour Retention
  • Stops Leakage & Seepage
  • Prevents Formation of Algae, Mosses & Fungi Keeping the Buildings in Good Condition Over a Longer Period of Time
  • Adds to the Aesthetics of the Structure (Excellent Brightness & Finish)
  • Protection with Beautification
  • Available in all Standard RAL Colour Shades
Waterproofing Coating Paints
  • Exterior walls of Residential, Industrial & Commmercial Building
PMT-XL (Polymer Membrane Technology)

Polymer Membrane Technology (PMT) is an advanced form of waterproofing treatment for slabs, terraces, basement areas and retention walls of old & new structures. PMT uses a specially designed polymer membrane, which is an advanced flexible fabric having specific grain structure with high polymer absorbing characteristics. Flexibility of the membrane enables expansion & contraction while ensuring excellent adhesion with substrate. POLYSEAL-0724 used in conjunction with PMT- XL exhibits excellent waterproofing properties. When used with SURFACOOL-0712 it demonstrates waterproofing properties along with heat insulation energy saving performance.

Waterproofing Coating Paint
  • Excellent Strength & Flexibility
  • Impermeability to Water & Water Vapour
  • Sustained Resistance to UV Radiation
  • Tough & Abrasion Resistant
  • Anti-Skid
  • Offers Excellent hHardness, High flexibility and can withstand Considerable Stress.
  • Guaranteed Performance over Prolonged Life Cycle
  • Post Treatment No Restriction on Usage of Surface
  • Non-Destructive Process - No Damage to Structure & No Change in Original Structure
  • Safe for the Structure - Post Treatment No Increase in Weight of the Structure
  • Effective, Economical & Quick as Compared to Conventional Systems
  • Offers excellent hardness, High flexibility and can withstand considerable stress.
  • Roofs & Slaps
  • Basement Areas
  • Retention Walls
Waterproofing Coatings Paint
  • Terraces
  • Roofs of Residential, Industrial ( Factories & Offices) & Commercial buildings
Aquapack – Expansion Joint Technique

AQUAPACK is a four component Polymeric Based Expansion Joint Waterproofing Treatment with advanced EPE Foam Technology.

Waterproofing Coating Paint
  • The System Effectively absorbs Expansion & Contraction
  • Prevents Water Seepage & Leakage during Heavy Rain
  • Forms Reinforcing Membrane
  • Advanced Polymer Technology ensures Long Lasting Performance Properties
  • Long Span Buildings & Structures
  • Bridges & Walkways


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