Frequently Asked Questions

Jotun, Sika , Akzo Nobel are positioned for the premium market. As compared to these competitors, we position ourselves as solution providers.

Q1. What are the elastomeric properties of PRODECOAT-0770?
A. PRODECOAT-0770 possesses excellent elastomeric property. Elongation-530%, Tensile Strength- 5.4 MPa.

Q2. What guarantee do we provide for PRODECOAT-0770?
A. We offer a guarantee of 10 years post application.

We are activating the FAQs section of our website. It is no secret that FAQs are an effective tool to enhance customer experience of an organization’s website since it is a proactive step towards answering common queries before they prop up as questions!

We hope to put up as many FAQs as possible, in order to add to the knowledge base of our potential and existing customers. We aspire for a better connect with all, while fast-tracking our journey towards being recognized as the preferred solutions provider for sustainable infrastructure.

We begin by attempting to make all, fully aware that our products are based on Grafted Co- Polymer Technology and are designed to sustain all reasonable environmental abuses in aggressive conditions without a change in properties.


Q1. Will PRODECOAT-0770 withstand thermal shocks and temperature variations? What is the Range of temperature in which it will remain stable?
A. PRODECOAT-770 will withstand Thermal shocks & Climatic changes. Service temperature range is – 40°C to 200°C

Q2. At what temperature will PRODECOAT-770 behave differently?
A. The coating will start becoming a little soft beyond 250°C

Good Question! Many coatings in the market will satisfy the basic requirements, but Greenovoc gives you the added satisfaction of doing your bit for the environment by choosing green, zero VOC environment friendly water based coatings. To add to this, our coating solutions are easy to apply, long lasting, and aesthetically pleasing, especially our anti- bacterial and anti- viral interior coating. At all points of time they perform as per the claims made i.e being resistant to UV Radiation and most importantly impermeable to moisture. They come with the additional benefit of quick drying without the need of oven baking; so you save on electricity and gain on productivity.

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No Fumes

Sound Dampening

Environment Friendly


Zero VOC

Antiviral Antibacterial Coronavirus

No Odour

Water Proof


Water Proof

Non Toxic

Antiviral Antibacterial Coronavirus

Green Technology

Antiviral Antibacterial Coronavirus

Sound Dampening