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Dear Readers,

Traditionally, one school of thought is that management is the art of getting work done from others.

This assumes a lack of autonomy with respect to employees

This further assumes that employees are incapable or unwilling to be self -driven

This is a dangerous assumption and results in the infantilization of the work force.

Processes are set up assuming that managers are the brains and those who actually work (workers) are hands and feet of the organization

With the alternative paradigm of self- management, the entire work culture changes.

The workers based on targets set plan about their own work and monitor the outcome.

The role of the manager morphs into that of a coach.

Self -management at all levels is a highly desirable state.

Atul Kulkarni

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Decorative coating

Just a thought…

Age is something that none can defy. As we age both chronologically and mentally we tend to look back more on our life both, personal and professional. No life is without its own share of ups and downs, achievements and failures, regret and satisfaction. It is when one introspects that one becomes aware of several habits, factors or practices which may have resulted in achievements, applause and rewards (all lives will be a mix of loss and profit, though the proportions may be different for all). One such practice, which I am sure all will agree, is self- management. Self- management may sound like a standalone lofty practice, but in reality it is a combination of many factors, attributes or attitudes. Defined simply it means completing one’s tasks with little or no supervision. Understanding the significance of managing oneself is bound to have a positive impact on each one’s professional and personal life. Apart from increasing efficiency, flexibility and skill development, self- management sets one on the path to self- sufficiency.

Self-management begins with self-awareness, meaning a clear understanding of one’s habits, methods and work styles and what needs to be done in order to enhance or delete, as the need may be. Self -awareness exercises are a continuous process. Obviously Rome was not built in a day!

For many, the word routine conjures up images of a drab, boring day. But routines bring in an amount of stability and a gradual sense of achievement. Slow and steady wins the race!

Time management is a crucial factor, in fact it more or less is a part of routine; yet its exclusivity as a determinant of success or failure cannot be ignored. Time management puts the entire day in perspective. Timing tasks can give one a comprehensive understanding of how much time is required to complete different tasks and could be immensely helpful in creating daily schedules. Time is the wisest counsellor of all!

Prioritizing tasks is another time tested method for making the most of the day and yet being alive and kicking at the end. A lot of energy and time is spent doing tasks that can be happily delegated or deleted. Time and tide wait for none!

Last but not the least, it is important to hold oneself accountable for the work done or not done. Accountability implies a strong sense of responsibility for the completion of tasks and motivating oneself to fulfil the objectives, particularly when one feels distracted or unfocused. Many of us find ourselves caught in the vicious circle of blame game, where we look for someone or something to shoulder the responsibility of non- performance. Perhaps something could have been lacking, but when it becomes a case of recurrent happenings, it may become essential to change the way we work. Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to the result!

Ultimately success or failure hedges heavily on the ability to regulate behaviour, thoughts, and emotions in a way that better serves us and our work. Self -management may not be easy, but it is worth wile investing time and energy learning it.

““Mastering others is strength; mastering oneself is true power” - Lao Tzu.

Dr. Medha Saykhedkar


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