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Dear Readers,

A walk around a city on a summer afternoon can be exhausting. What keeps one going is the joy of the sights and sounds of the city accompanied by unending ingestion of varied cold drinks and short breaks under a tree.

Any system that overheats begins to misfire.

This is true of cars, computers, machines, organizations and individuals.

Cooling mechanisms such radiators, fans play the role of cooling cars and computers

In case of organizations it is culture that acts as a coolant

At Greenovoc we believe that the organizational culture should balance between the intense efforts required to grow the organization – that are certain to generate heat- and the intermediate cooling by way of progressive HR policies.

We constantly strive to make our workplace productive…. yet balanced.

Atul Kulkarni

Base of a Tractor Trolley coated with Zero VOC, Environment friendly product GALVART-0723 ( Room Temperature Galvanizing Coating)
Decorative coating

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Busy lives at some point or the other are afflicted by burnout mainly because they are involved in a multitude of activities simultaneously, continuously and regularly. All three words imply a never ending string of activities and tasks that one feels compelled to tick off, only to find another list ready, for the same attention. The word ‘Busy bee’ probably has its origin in this ceaseless endeavour. It is said that Mindfulness is a great attribute to practice because it keeps the mind sharp and helps the achievement orientation. Yet, Burnout is a common phenomenon and it does have an impact on the health and performance of the individual. The main reason that has been identified is that we get too busy and forget to do that what is most simple and doable i.e. take a step back and rest. As a form of exhaustion burnout is characterized by a constant feeling of being swamped by work, responsibilities and must do activities.

The reason why we felt like addressing these issues is that in the opinion of most, burnout is related to work. Unrealistic targets, bickering team members, confusing job profiles or boredom with the job could be the main reasons for an incoming burnout. It saps one of energy, is emotionally draining and distracts one from work thereby leading to decrease in productivity. Any decrease in productivity may result in a dent in career progress and personal satisfaction.It must be noted that long- term burnout can result in a drop in immunity and make one more vulnerable to colds and flu and other related discomforts. .It therefore becomes pertinent to understand the symptoms of burnout and practice a regimen to avoid it. Ventilation of grievances with a person in authority is an effective way since communication is a proven important aspect for creating a healthy work environment. Talking with trusted co-workers, friends, or family does help because their support can help in coping with the stressors of the job. Another highly effective but often ignored way to deal with burnout is to get enough exercise because it helps in enhancing sleep quality and improving mental health. Both these factors are known to help in prevention of burnout. Most importantly we need to focus on ourselves internally. Mindfulness can help one identify when one is feeling overwhelmed. Awareness of one’s emotions and the underlying causes is essential to cope with challenges of life and work.

Dr. Medha Saykhedkar


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