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Dear Readers,

We know of the story of a king who was repeatedly defeated by his enemies, became disheartened and took refuge in a cave.

Sitting in a cave he saw a spider that was trying to weave a web but it kept falling off. The spider did not give up and finally succeeded in its venture.

The king was motivated by what he saw. He again got his army together and defeated his enemy.

Persistence is a pillar of success.

It is easy to be disappointed when things don’t go as per plans.

There is nothing called failure. There is opportunity for improvement and learning.

So let’s move on with an attitude of Persistence

Atul Kulkarni

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Just a thought..


Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent” – Calvin Coolidge

In common parlance, persistence is understood as ‘the quality that allows someone to continue doing something or trying to do something even though it is difficult or opposed by other people.’ The moot question here is why would someone want to keep doing something if it was difficult or opposed to by others? Human beings are unique and special for a host of attributes, skills and tendencies that they possess. They forever set out to achieve something or the other and most know that as long as one persists, one cannot fail!

Greenovoc fully understands the importance of World Sauntering Day celebrated on June 19, since it is observed to make people realize the need of slowing down and enjoying life instead of rushing along at all times. One needs to find time to smell the roses and to enjoy the tranquil beauty of nature. 21st June is the longest day and we believe one must make the most of it! Finally one cannot forget the International Yoga Day that stands for the holistic approach to health and life.

What is it about persistence that it has made it the topic of conversations since ages? ‘ Try and try till you succeed’ has been a solid advice passed down generations. One cannot ignore the fact that persistence has been the solid foundation of scientific developments and innovations. Life has accorded persistence a venerated place it the general scheme of things for its capacity to bring about miracles.

Embarking on the entrepreneurial journey teaches one that business is not as easy, as it is thought to be and the stumbling blocks are far more than the achievements. It is this recognition that actually steers one towards persistence because dreams do not come easy. Successful businesses and personalities have seldom achieved their dreams in the absence of persistence. It has been recognised as the one factor which determines the outcome when everything else falls short. The merits of persistence have been lauded by all who have persisted. It is accepted that persistence makes an expert, and rightly so since repeating a task many times is bound to make one better and better. Persistence is also a sign of ambition because without ambition it would make no sense to persist. The law of attraction between these two rarely fails.

An entrepreneur has to be prepared to start new projects and new processes, and even provide new offerings on a routine basis. This requires not just agility but persistence if one has to remain relevant and competitive in any marketplace.

No wonder then ‘Persist to Exist’ remains a time tested mantra.

Dr. Medha Saykhedkar



Sachin Joshi , CEO of Greenovoc Specialty Coatings Pvt. Ltd., delivering his presentation on ‘Innovative Sustainable Coating Solutions for Effective Corrosion Control of Pipelines’ at the 6th Pipeline Technology Conference & Exhibition held on 3rd -4th January 2023 at Hotel Crowne Plaza, New Delhi.

Theme of the Conference: Midstream, downstream, upstream in Pipeline



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