INTERGRANDE - 0720 is an effective ZERO VOC, environment friendly, green, long lasting, Anti-Bacterial & Anti- Viral decorative coating that adds value to the aesthetics of surfaces while predominantly protecting them from bacterialike Staphylococcus aureus & E. coli and fungi like Aspergillus niger & Penicillium sp. INTERGRANDE - 0720 uses patented water based Grafted Co-Polymer Technology. Our sharp advanced Grafted Co-Polymer Molecules in the thin film Polymer coating, tear open the cell walls of the micro-organisms, rendering them harmless. Most coatings / paints labelled as ‘Environment friendly’ are Low VOC

Anti-Viral Interior Coating (Paint)
Interior Coatings Manufacturer
Interior Coatings Manufacturer
  • Advanced Nano Grafted Copolymer Technology
  • Non-Toxic Active Ingredients - No added Anti - Bacterial Additives
  • No Leaching & Transdermal Absorption
  • Excellent Water Repellency
  • Retention of Surface Properties coupled with Enhanced Life Cycle Performance
  • Superior Scratch Resistance Properties
  • No Dirt Pick Up and Fully Washable with Water & Detergents or Cleaning Agents
  • Interior walls of Residential Spaces, Hotels, Hospitals, Laboratories, Offices, Schools & Colleges and Public buildings
  • Unique Value Proposition – Hygiene with Aesthetics
  • Superior Long Lasting Finish - Available in an array of finishes like Matt, Glossy, Semi- glossy and Grainy Texture
  • Non Toxic, Zero VOC, Green Coating formulation
  • No Odour during and after Application


Interior Coating Manufacturer

No Fumes

Anti Bacterial Interior Coating

Environment Friendly

Anti Viral Interior Coating

Zero VOC

Interior Coatings Manufacturer

No Odour

Anti-Bacterial Interior Paint


Anti-Viral Interior Paint

Non Toxic

Green Technology Anti-Viral Interior Paint

Green Technology

Anti-Viral Interior Paint

Sound Dampening

Anti-Microbial Interior Paint