SURFACOOL-0712 An advanced polymer based green, ZERO VOC, environment friendly product, SURFACOOL-0712 substantially reduces energy consumption and cost of cooling by reducing the heat load. Most coatings / paints labelled as ‘Environment friendly’ are Low VOC

Thermal Insulation Coating
Heat Insulation Paint
Thermal Insulation Paint
Heat Insulation Coating Manufacturer
Thermal Insulation Coating Manufacturer
  • Excellent Heat Insulation Properties – Temperature Gradient of 10oC to 14oC in Peak Summer
  • Resistance to Corrosion & UV Radiation – Sustained Outdoor Stability
  • Impermeability to Water Vapour
  • Long Lasting Waterproofing Effect
  • High Elongation – Absorbs Expansion & Contraction of Substrates
  • Anti-Static with Resistance to Algae & Fungi
  • Industrial Roofs / Roofing made of Metal & Asbestos Sheets
  • Concrete Slabs, Terraces & Exterior Walls of Residential structures, Commercial buildings, Industries, Hotels, Hospitals , Laboratories, Schools & Colleges etc
  • Exposed Instrument Boxes with Critical, Heat Sensitive Electronic Circuits like Signalling Boxes
  • Porta Cabins
  • Solar Hot Ater Storage Tanks & Pipelines

  • Saves Energy by Reducing Heat Load (Direct Energy Saving Up to 30% in Peak Summer)
  • Makes Structure Water Tight- No Leakage during Rain from Concrete & Metallic Roofs / Walls
  • Protects Metallic Roofs from Corrosion and Enhances Life (Reduces Thermal Expansion & Contraction)
  • Enhances Aesthetic ( No Fungus & Moss Formation )
  • Sound Dampening
  • Cost Effective
  • Fire Resistant
  • Enhanced Efficiency of People & Machinery
  • 'Self to Do' Application
  • Zero VOC
  • Non Toxic
  • Prevents Blistering, Peeling & Cracking
  • Excellent Bonding with most Substrates
  • High Breathability
  • Easy to Maintain
  • High Solar Reflective Index


No Fumes Heat Insulation Coating (Paint)

No Fumes

Environment Friendly Heat Insulation Paint

Environment Friendly

Zero VOC Heat Insulation Coating (Paint)

Zero VOC

No Odour Heat Insulation Paint

No Odour

Sustainable Thermal Insulation Paint


Non Toxic Thermal Insulation Coatings

Non Toxic

Green Technology Heat Insulation Paints

Green Technology

Sound Dampening

Sound Dampening

Anti-Microbial Heat Insulation Coating (Paints)